Three Wheels Electric Truck CPD20SA


  1. Germany imported driving axle.
  2. The United States imported AC control system CURTIS with sensitive reaction.
  3. Imported multifunctional liquid crystal instrument has intelligent display for fault code, battery status, forklift running information.
  4. AC driving motor: compact construe, high performance, regenerative braking .
  5. Top-ranking running speed, loading speed and grade ability.
  6. Running speed: unload 15km/h load 14km/h
  7. Lifting speed: unload 450mm/s load 290mm/s
  8. Grade ability: unload 20% load 15%
  9. Three running modes to choose according to different needs:low speed, moderate speed and high speed.
  10. Wet disk brake can make the forklift break stably, ensures high durability and safety.
  11. lateral turning radius is only 1552mm and minimum right angle stacking aisle is only 3220mm.


  1. With two step pedal easy to get into the driving cab.
  2. Adjustable steering wheel and the seat , the driver can adjust the position according to his need.
  3. Integrated light switch and steering signal rod.
  4. ABS instrument board in the driving-box is durable and beautiful.
  5. The design of the controlling lever position fit the Ergonomic principles which can reduce the driver’s fatigue.
  6. Better front vision
  7. The instrument is on the right side of the driving-box which provides better front vision , ensure safety operating.
  8. Emergency power cut off plug
  9. The plug is on the left side of the driver’s seat which is used for emergency stop.