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Add distribution efficiency, reduce product damage and maximize storage space. The FliPak® family offers multiple container sizes with attached hinged covers that prevent expensive loss of product. These containers stack when closed or nest when open to provide the most efficient use of available space on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse, inside a truck trailer or in the back room of a retail outlet.

  1. 1/4" or 3/8" diameter reinforced security holes are compatible with a variety of tote closures, from ties to padlocks.
  2. Quick-release label area on attached hinged over and ends for easy reading and quick label exchange.
  3. Molded-in security tie holes.
  4. Visible area above nest stops for easy reading of sequential number when nested or stacked.
  5. Pebble-grain bottom surface provides excellent conveyor traction.
  6. Heavily reinforced hinge elements reduce breakage and cracking.
  7. Cover recessed within the perimeter of container to protect against cover breakage while conveyed or shipped.


  1. Loose Letter Hot Stamp Identification
  2. Loose Letter Hot Stamp Identification
  3. Allows for 1" capital letters in a pre-defined area on the container.
  4. Sequential Numbering Hot Stamp Identification
  5. Sequential Numbering Hot Stamp Identification
  6. Available with each character limited to a 1/2" height. Five characters per line may be utilized.
  7. Customized Hot Stamp
  8. Customized Hot Stamp
  9. Available if the number of letters exceeds the available space with other identification options.
  10. Security Ties
  11. Slip into factory installed security tie holes in the container and cover for fast, efficient locking of covers. The plastic tie is easily removed by cutting, with no damage to container or cover.
  12. Snap-On Cardholders
  13. Envelope style and available with one or two snaps. All have a clear window with solid back. ESD-Safe Cardholders (CH10LS, CH20LS and CH30Ls) are produced in clear anti-static pink material.
  14. Adhesive Cardholders
  15. Envelope style and affix quickly and easily to the container. All have a clear window with solid back.

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