- Boltless Rivet Shelving

Rivet Rack & Adjustable Shelving


Rivet Shelving has rapidly become one of the most versatile storage solutions within our industry. With a wide variety of sizes and capacities, standard components can quickly make the most complex projects a custom fit.

Atlas Mega Steel’s Double Rivet Shelving has been designed for handling larger volume items both efficiently and economically. Sections can be as large as 96” wide minimizing the number of post obstructions and accommodating an array of load sizes within the same unit. Their depth can be as great as 48” and since there are no sides or back braces, sections can easily be entered from all directions. For sections 72” or smaller, each level has a 1,000 lbs capacity with certain sizes requiring one Center Support per level. Sections 96” long have an 800 lbs capacity per level and require two Center Supports.

For higher density applications, Atlas Mega Steel’s Single Rivet Shelving offers a more efficient use of storage space. With Single Rivet Beams measuring only 1” thick, they provide the maximum usable clearance possible between shelves. Sections are designed with Double Rivet Beams for the top and bottom levels and use Single Rivet Beams for the intermediate. Since diagonal braces are not required with Rivet Shelving, products can be accessed from all sides of the section.

Single Rivet Sections can be as large as 48” long and 48” deep, helping to provide an economic solution to the most complex layouts. For sections 24” deep or smaller, Single Rivet Levels only have beams on the front and back to adequately support the decking. Sections that are greater than 24” deep require beams on all four sides. Shelves are adjustable on 1½” centers and are easily assembled with only a rubber mallet.


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