- Manual Stacker

Designed to easily handle all types of lifting tasks from transporting dies and molds to stacking small skids. These manual foot pump stackers are compact enough to operate in confined or congested spaces - most models will fit easily through standard doorways. Models can be equipped with forks or solid platforms. (Special orders). Fork equipped models come with either straddle or non-straddle bases.

 wardrobe lockers

Model   SJJA1500
 Load capacity/rated load  Q(kg) 1500
 Load centre distance  c(mm) 400
 Fork height,lowered  h13(mm) 97
 Height, mast lowered  h1(mm) 1940
 Max. lift height  h3(mm) 1500
 Height, mast extended  h4(mm) 2000
 Overall length  l1(mm) 1350
 Overall width  b1(mm) 1050
 Fork dimensions  s/e/l(mm) 48/100/850
Width overall forks  b5(mm) 980
 Round clearance, laden,below mast  m1(mm) 25
 Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 crossways  Ast(mm) 2050
 Aisle width for pallets 800×1200 lengthways  Ast(mm) 2040
 Turning radius  Wa(mm) 1245
 Lift speed,laden/unladen  mm/s 20
 Lowering speed,laden/unladen  mm/s Manual control
 Service weight  kg 283

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