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Our Ex AC type electric forklift is approved with Explosionproof mark:Exd mbs Ⅱ BT4 Gb/DIP A21 TA.T4 explosionproof equipment for Category 2G, applicable to Zone I and Zone II which may have explosive gas environment.

1. Side-put lifting cylinders and chains offer Wide-view visibility.
2. AC Variable-frequency speed control technology, greatly improved the reliability and safety.
3. Advanced H-drive axle, low center of gravity design, with stable turning.
4. With regenerative braking system, ramp soft starting, reverse braking system and other protection settings. Improve the safety under the hazardous environments.
5. Charger connection and emergency switch have an inter-lock system, safe for charging.
6. Special explosion-proof sealed VBS batteries conform to UK BS directive.
7. With anti-friction flameproof brake plate.
8. With alloy copper plated truck back body and forks.

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