- Electric Stacker

Allow you to do more in less time with increased producitivity in pedestrian applications.


Fully Powered Stackers

The Presto PowerStak™ is a high performance, fully-powered stacker providing instant flexibility and versatility. It's sleek, stylish design, low overall weight, and quiet operation allow the PowerStak to fit nicely into a wide variety of work environments.

The PPS2200 Series is available in a Fork Over configuration for use with open bottom pallets or skids or an Adjustable Straddle configuration for use with any type of pallet or skid, even closed bottom.

  1. Powered Lift & Powered Drive
  2. 2,200 lb. Capacity at 24" Load Center
  3. Fork-Over or Straddle Configurations
  4. Lifting Heights: 62", 101", 125", and 150"
  5. Turtle Speed for manuevering in tight quarters
  6. Belly Bump Auto Reversing Switch
  7. Adjustable Fork Carriage (straddle only)
  8. Instrument Cluster with Key Switch, Hour Meter and Emergency "e" Stop
  9. Integral 115V Charger

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