Gasoline Forklift Truck G25


  1. Cab design by SIP point , conform to EN- ISO 5353, ensure compartment with great comfortable and fatigue- free operating.
  2. Drive axle and steering axle , transmission made by TCM technology , float type structure achieve a flexible connection between engine and frame , reduce vibrations greatly. JAPAN SHIMADSU type hydraulic pump with low noise.
  3. Leak-free O-rings imported from Japan NOK face seal fittings reduce leaks.
  4. The cylinder have dual safety system — with lowering safety valve and lowering limited valve.


  1. Advanced multifunction LCD/digital display provides fast and accurate Monitoring truck status.
  2. The cylinder offers new design by dual safety system — with lowering safety valve and lowering limited valve.
  3. The electric F/R lever with neutral safety start system.
  4. An intelligent sensor and buffer monitoring system: with safty check valve to absorb the mast drop speed automatically to avoid crashing the floor and damaging goods.

Ergonomics & Efficiency

  1. Wide view mast, clear visibility.
  2. Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers design offers big operation space.
  3. Adjustable tilt steering column offers the most comfortable operator position.
  4. The optional of the magnetic electric F/R control lever ,simple for operation and less efforts.
  5. Low noise <82AB(A) : sound absorbing material mounted within the front engine cover, with air intake system on the back pillars of overhead guard.
  6. Maximum reduces the noise.
  7. New designed aluminum structural radiators.

Easy Maintenance

  1. Insulated engine cover with gas-filled cylinders with automatic locking device to assist in opening and preventing the cover from unexpected closing.
  2. The cover can opens up to 78-90 degrees.
  3. Steering axle uses the traverse tanks. The compact construction with large open space, easy to maintain.
  4. Use integral sealed electric circuitry. Optimized the control system and easy maintenance.
  5. Floor board are easily removed, reduce time for quick service assess.