Explosion Proof Electric Forklift Truck

Our Ex AC type electric forklift is approved with Explosion proof mark:Exd mbs Ⅱ BT4 Gb/DIP A21 TA.T4 explosion proof equipment for Category 2G, applicable to Zone I and Zone II which may have explosive gas environment.


  • Side-put lifting cylinders and chains offer Wide-view visibility.
  • AC Variable-frequency speed control technology, greatly improved the reliability and safety.
  • Advanced H-drive axle, low center of gravity design, with stable turning.
  • With regenerative braking system, ramp soft starting, reverse braking system and other protection settings. Improve the safety under the hazardous environments.
  • Charger connection and emergency switch have an inter-lock system, safe for charging.
  • Special explosion-proof sealed VBS batteries conform to UK BS directive.
  • With anti-friction flameproof brake plate.
  • With alloy copper plated truck back body and forks.