Electric Pallet Stacker

Allow you to do more in less time with increased producitivity in pedestrian applications.

The CBD20S are with small turning radius and lowest height(1.08-1.38m), offers Double pallet Initial lifting, with Initial lift have 120mm lift to easily negotiate over ramps and bringing plates as well as the ability to transport a 2000kg load, widely used in low shelves warehouse and small super market etc.

Safety and Productivity

Carry two pallets at one single time.
The tiller head is equipped with an emergency reverse direction switch, which provides safer operation.
Built-in pressure relief valve protects the truck from overload, and increases the truck’s safety.
Stepless speed control and turtle speed switch.


Vertical driving wheel offers small turning redius.
Dividable and exchangeable mast.
Adjustable floating balance wheel is resistant to wear and stable.
Sliding rail connects the moving part of the front and rear, makes lifting and lowering stable.

Easy Maintenance

CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity.
Hall-effect throttle control eliminates ware components and prolongs its use time.
The balance wheel is detachable, convenient to maintain.
Integral and modularized electrical system makes the maintenance of the electrical parts convenient.